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Why Work With Us?

What Can You Get from Us That You Can't Get Anywhere Else? We receive a clear understanding of what your expectations of us are, and what we do for you that you are not able to do on your own. Our proprietary process allows us to be on the same page with you in understanding the most important activities included in the search, identification, negotiation, financing, and transactional parts of your journey to real estate ownership.

Whether you’re ready to buy or looking for answers, we’ll guide you with data and expertise specific to your area.

Our 4-Part Process: Part 1. Buyer Questionnaire

We receive a clear understanding of what your expectations are. You receive a clear understanding of what we do for you that you are not able to do on your own. Complete and receive your buyer questionnaire and tell us what you want!

Off-Market Homes

Compass Coming Soon is the largest collection of private homes coming to the market. By the time you see a home online, it may already be too late.

Working with Clients Virtually

In response to COVID-19, we immediately implemented best practices to provide the same customer service and highly personalized real estate planning to our clients. All meetings are held via secure video conferencing, all signing meetings are held via remote online notarizations. Showing property is achieved through strict adherence to local, State and County laws, to make sure we keep you and your family safe. We look forward to meeting you online and celebrate your willingness to engage with us with what can be a difficult time at the best of times.

1. Consultation

Meet to discuss your plans and goals, trends in the current marketplace, and assess the qualities and characteristics you want in a home. What’s your price range? What type of property are you looking for? Do you have any preferred neighborhoods? Is proximity to public transportation an important factor? 

2. The Home Loan Process

We explain the loan process and the difference between pre-qualified, pre-approved and underwriting. We discuss things you should not do when applying for a home loan. The loan review process. What PITI means and how lenders qualify buyers. We will give you the names of lenders we have worked with and if you have a lender you love to work with, we are happy to talk with them. The lender is an important part of your home buying team.

3. The Buying Process

What happens when you find the home you want to buy? We walk you through this process educating you along the way. We help you wade through the disclosures and reports making sure you understand what you’re signing.  What makes a good offer? You’ll know how to win in a multiple offer situation. When you win the home, you enter into the escrow period. What is it? How does escrow work? What happens during escrow?

4. Closing

At the end of the escrow you will meet with the escrow officer to sign your closing documents. We are there with you to make sure everything is correct.  Many clients are not sure what close of escrow means. We stay in contact throughout this crucial time and are with you every step of the way up to the time you receive the key to your new home.

5. Resources

We are with you after close of escrow as a resource and sounding board on everything real estate and more.  We have a resources page on our website (link to resources) to help you with remodels, plumbers, flooring, financial planning, Tiling experts, Trust Attorney, etc., We have worked hard to develop and sustain terrific professional relationships with financial advisors, insurance professionals, attorneys in a wide range of practice areas, and other professionals in a variety of businesses. Our mission is to ensure each client has a team they can go to for years to come. 

Mary Murphy Team Buyers

There has been a lot of changes in searching and viewing homes due to Covid-19. And when people decide to buy a home and move, the last think they want is to deal with the unknown. This is why we want to educate you so that you understand the buying process. We provide a comprehensive buyer’s guide that gives you the information and the control you need when buying a home. Which is why we’ve recently updated our Bay Area Buyer’s Guide for our buyer clients to address market conditions using the latest, most effective tools available. 

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We pride ourselves in providing personalized solutions that bring our clients closer to their dream properties and enhance their long-term wealth.

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